Reflective Morning

Lake in the morning Pic 3 Pentiction April 2017

Calm and Cool

A Reflective Pool

Sky Full of Tears

Over Liquid Mirrors

Peace and Serenity

All Staring Back at Me



No time like the present…..

Can retirement be about time?

It seems we are always fascinated by time…or hamstrung by it…or pressed for it….or wish we had more of it. These days I find time as a constant rather than slipping away from me. Time goes on….so do I/we.  Today I had coffee, watched the news, worked out, then went for a walk along the river with a prized venti no room Americano.  I never had to look at my watch except to see how far I went, how many calories burned and steps taken. Certainly not because I had to. Today “is” about doing things I “can do” rather than things I “have to do”. Time is about the choices I am making and not about choices being made for me.

Bob Dylan sang “times they are a changing”, the Stones sang “time is on our side” and Pink Floyd sang “every year is getting shorter; never seem to find the time”. I realized back in October that there was no time like the present. Decided to go and haven’t looked back.

Welcome to your new life; pleased to meet you hope you get my name!