Reflective Morning

Lake in the morning Pic 3 Pentiction April 2017

Calm and Cool

A Reflective Pool

Sky Full of Tears

Over Liquid Mirrors

Peace and Serenity

All Staring Back at Me



Just Over One Year

It  seems to have taken just over one year after my official retirement date for me to feel like it actually happened. For the past year, it has felt somewhat surreal. I still looked forward to “weekends” (as if some “freedom” was attached to them). I still laid awake at night on Sunday nights, thinking about Monday morning and all the things I had to get done during the week. I thought about things that needed to be addressed at my former work organization and whether “someone” was taking care of that. I wondered what retired life should really look like and what I needed to do to make it so.

RV Pic 2 Pentiction April 2017

So today I am in the 24 foot motor home that my guy and I dreamed we would one day hop in and enjoy on many road trip adventures. We are parked on the shore of a beautiful BC lake, enjoying the sights and quiet time together. It is a Thursday, not a weekend. I finally realize that now I look forward to every day and that the week can be my weekend too (when it’s not so busy with everyone else vying for the same thing on their days off). If I am laying awake at night thinking about what I have to do, it is by choice and that there is something intriguing (and likely adventuresome) that is driving my mind to focus on it. I have accepted that I did a great job of leaving skilled and qualified people in my place to deal with all the things needed at my former work organization. It is still surreal, but more importantly, I realize that I am actually living what retired life “should look like” …and that is great.

“Retirement, a time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, where you want to do it, and how you want to do it”.  Catherine Pulsifer


Do You Ever Feel De-(Word)Pressed???

Greetings Blogosphere!  Did you miss me?  Well I am somewhat confident that you didn’t but if by some chance you did, Please find finally my “better late than never” entry to The Retiree Diary.  I have not posted anything for some time now except my review of an excellent Willie Nelson Biography a couple of weeks ago.  The last little while I have felt bad about not writing anything and trying to figure out why that might be?  Available time is not a great excuse because if I was really ready to put notes to paper I could have made time.  Topics?  Again, not a great excuse because sometimes I think I have too much to share or say.  The only thing I can fall back on is I have felt a bit de-(Word)pressed…..

Huh?  I just heard some of you saying that…… others, I heard laughing (ok mildly chuckling) at my play on words.  I think most of you have experienced this at one time or another … that overwhelming feeling of having lots to say but not sure how to express it or put it down in words.  The only definition I can come up with for feeling de-(Word)pressed is this:  An overwhelming sense of loss contributing to a feeling of defect or weakness, mental/writers block, that over time contributes to a lack of motivation to post. 🙂 Now of course, for something like this, there has to be a cure.  YES! Write, write, write, write and express yourself.  Sounds like a plan.  I just need to get down to it and write.  What is on my mind, what I am thinking about and what I am doing.  STUFF! There is lots of it floating around in my head.

If I look now at my blog page, I have six draft posts with great catchy titles but no guts yet.  Titles, tags, categories, and in some cases pictures and featured images.  I just need to take the time, give things some thought and get it down on electronic paper.  So it is with renewed vigour and interest that I tackle some of these leftovers in limbo.  Get in and get them done…..